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The most important component of virtually every system in the HVAC industry is the fan impeller. It has a large effect on energy consumption, acoustics and efficiency of the entire air conditioning system. No matter if you require a plug or plenum fan, an un-housed fan or a fan with a scroll housing, using EC or AC motors in 50 or 60 Hz, constructed of aluminum, carbon steel or other alloy – the fan wheel solution from punker will always result in the optimal ventilation solution for your HVAC application.



Seeding, fertilizing, harvesting, separating, drying, ventilating. Precise, reliable and quiet movement of air is of vital importance in the agricultural industry. An example is the pneumatic conveyance of seeds in seeding machines which deliver seeds in precise quantities to the right location in the soil. Another example is harvest separators which use a defined airflow to separate crop from dirt, rocks and other debris. The attainment of the performance operating point is a challenge that we have met for many years. Your benefit in choosing punker is that we size the wheel and housing geometries to meet your required motor horsepower and operating speed using our experienced technical assistance team.



High-performance, precise, robust, reliable The demands on fan impellers can be particularly challenging in general industrial applications.punker’s high quality impellers are an important component in various industries, including car wash drying systems, cooling of wind power generators, balanced heat circulation in industrial ovens or air cleaning in bag houses or filtration systems. Regardless of the application that interests you – we will work to find the best solution for you.If your application requires a unique solution, we would be happy to engineer a product that meets your specific need.



Reducing emissions, increasing efficiency. Heating and burner technology is another challenging for ventilation systems, as the air flow and the ignitable medium have to be carefully measured in order to increase combustion efficiency and minimize emissions. With this in mind our engineers are able to design an optimal wheel taking into consideration your system specifics. Because heating and burner systems are delicate, details matter a great deal. We are proud to say that punker is a leading supplier to the heating and burner industry supplying to companies of all sizes.



When it comes to railroad applications, a fan impeller has to meet very high requirements. The objectives are a long service life, traceability of all production steps including test certificates of all materials used, and meeting the special strength requirements of this application. Therefore, we have initiated a separate rail process and a special RW wheel model. These wheel models are strictly separated from wheels for general ventilation applications.

Some technical characteristics of the punker rail process:

Conformity to the technical specifications (TSP) of the end user 

Welding in accordance with DIN EN 15085-2 (certification stage CL2); all weld seams continually welded 

Coated carbon steel, coated according to corrosion class C4 acc. to DIN 12944 (RAL 9005) 

Batch traceability of the material with 3.1 report card 

Operating temperature range from -40°F – 180°F (-40°C to +80°C) 

Standard construction for 1,000,000 load changes (2-pole drive / 50Hz). 

Information about 60Hz-applications is available upon request. 

Performance curves measured with restriction, square box housing with wheel to box ratio of BD=1.5xD2 and BD=1.8xD2 (un-housed operating condition) in a rectangular shape around the impeller (see datasheet 2.8.000-2.01), measured at air density of 0.075 lbs/ft³ 

Balance quality G6.3 per ISO 1940-1



Baking, drying, dish washing, heating, extracting. 

Many of the most reputable household appliance manufacturers have been punker’s customers for decades. The reason is simple: the competence of our engineers and the quality of our manufacture.Our comprehensive know-how allows us to systematically adjust our impellers in geometry and design and thus find the optimal ventilation solution for any application.

The requirements in the household appliance industry are demanding and diverse:Our wheels have to satisfy demands along changing system requirements, for example during different cycles of oven operation or changing requirements at different cycles for clothes dryers.



Baking, cooking, simmering, warming, cooling, curing, ventilating.

Sanitary conditions are a top priority whenever food is being handled. Fan impellers by punker meet the technical demands of the food industry at a high level. Use of suitable materials, optimized blade geometries to convey dust laden air or high thermal loads: No matter your requirements, our engineers are happy to assist you in selecting the best  fan wheel, whether from our standard product selection or from our expanded program for special designs.



Efficient, heat resistant, durable

Compressors in use generate high thermal loads. Our fan impellers provide ample cooling and thus lengthen the service life and increase compressor efficiency.

From impellers on the main drive shaft to integrated fans on the enclosure, punker’s ventilation technology ensures that even the most demanding compressed air systems can be cooled optimally at any time – even under the toughest continuous operation and high ambient temperatures.